What is Amsterdam Ferry Festival?

Effective and inspiring art, performances and photography on the ferries of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Ferry Festival foundation

The festival is organized by the Amsterdam Ferry Festival Foundation, founded in 2018 (RSIN: 8593.12.288). The aim of the foundation is to organize multiple events during the year, focusing on art and culture in the public space, presented on the ferries of the city of Amsterdam. The foundation has the cultural ANBI status and a board that is responsible for the organization and activities. The board acts in accordance with the Culture Governance Code.

The board of the Amsterdam Ferry Festival Foundation consists of:

~ Prof. dr. Bram Kempers, president (Professor Sociology of Art, University of Amsterdam)
~ Jort Wildschut, treasurer (Partner and Creative Director, Wolfstreet)
~ Roos Bernelot Moens, board member (Manager Private Fundraising for the National Opera)
~ Teddy Cherim, board member (Film Director)


Director: Inez Piso-Tuncay
Curator: Rowan Stol

Legal advisor: Jaap van den Broek

Program coordinator (2021-2022): Mehrazin Shali
Assistant Curator (2023): Marije Verhaegh
Assistant Curator (2022): Maryse Dekker
Creative Producer (2019-2020): Noa Jansma
Curator of Flags (2020): Robbie Schweiger
Social media (2020-2021): Rosa Cherim
Producers (2019): Ninnog Duivenvoorde & Judith Rigter
Intern Eventmanagement (2021-2022): Yan-Joré Malik
Designer Wunderwald (2019-2022): Baukje Stamm
Designer (2022): Merel Calkoen


Amsterdam Ferry Festival will take place at various moments throughout the year. The date of the next event is to be determined.


We are looking for an intern assisted-curator for our next project!

Inez Piso-Tuncay (Director)
Rowan Stol (Curator)
Jort Wildschut (Board)
Teddy Cherim (Board)
Roos Bernelot Moens (Board)
Bram Kempers (Board)