Artists Submit your idea
— What if the ferry were yours? Do you have a awesome idea for an artwork? The ferry can be your canvas!

Art: accessible and efficient.

During AFF we will offer artists an opportunity to reinterpret the public space on the ferry, and to recreate this everyday ritual, with work that inspires, amazes and encourages the public to think.

Different disciplines are encouraged to submit: photography, internet art, performance, visual arts, design, interventions, urban hacking, sound art, ceramics, alternative walking routes, fashion, graphic design and installations.

Main goal: take over the ferry!

The art must be accessible to the public that is not a seasoned art connoisseur. The public cannot read long texts to understand or experience it. A ferry ride is not too long and people must be tempted to pay attention to the unexpected art. We want to motivate you to take this into account. Visual, interactive and immersive works work well to engage the traveler. Nonetheless, a thorough prior investigation of the message of your work is also very important.


In the broadest sense of the word:

reflection on (our relationship with) the water, with each other, the changing city and nature from unexpected angles

Physical guidelines

We encourage you to create site-specific work for in and around the ferries for the AFF. Together we can see how we can best connect the work to the festival and the available spaces. If an existing work also fits in here, we can also discuss the possibilities regarding.

All surfaces of the ferry can be transformed into potential exhibition spaces: the deck, the balcony, the windows, the outside, the water surface, the surfaces of clothing, the screens of our telephones, and so on.

Because the ferries will continue to follow their normal timetable, the festival must not be an obstacle for travelers: safety is paramount. The ferries must remain accessible for people with a wheelchair, mobility scooter, Canta or pram.

On average, 70,000 people travel on the ferries a day, which means that we cannot keep an eye on everyone and there may be a fool among them. Work can only be shown if this has been taken into account.

The applications will be evaluated by:

Inez Piso
Teddy Cherim
Jort Wildschut
Heske ten Cate
Robbie Schweiger
Noa Jansma
Leo Siemes


A total amount of up to € 2.500 is available per project. The artist’s fee and all pre-specified production costs must be paid from this.


Submit your idea and a specified budget before 2 March, 2020.


The photos on this page were taken by Michiel Stock during the preview of the Amsterdam Ferry Festival during Museumnacht 2019:

Rosa Sijben – Sjaak (2019), object and performance of 6 minutes
Ambassade van de Noordzee / Carmen Schabracq – Zeemond (2019), enlarged hearing tube of a fish with connection to the water

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