Luna Wicks door Guido Vrouwe


NDSM – CS pont 

Spoken Word: Luna Wicks

Music: Froodough 


Sail with us during Museum Night! Luna Wicks writes a spoken word piece especially for this night, based on the changing city. 

Luna Wicks (spoken word artist & vlogger) drags you into her colourful world and delusions. Watch out when she makes you ponder her sentences, it will be laugh or cry. A professional writer, she winds you around her fingers in no time and with your swallowed letters, she then hangs you from her gallows of words. She has performed on several stages, festivals and poetry slams in the Netherlands and wants to grab people by their hearts and throats time and again.

During the performance, Luna Wicks wears an outfit by fashion designer Esra Copur.

Daniel Lee door Julien Simon

During the performance, Luna will be supported by musician Froodough (Daniel Lee). Daniel studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music. In 2017, Daniel graduated from the Zurich School of the Arts, where he obtained his master’s degree in the class of Prof Ilya Gringolts. Besides playing the violin, Daniel is also a composer – and he even became one of the 10 prize winners of the German national composition competition ‘Jugend Komponiert’.


Photo Luna Wicks: Guido Vrouwe

Photo Froodough: Julien Simon