Jeannette Slütter

Jeannette Slütter (1988) is interested in how we experience moments and places. How everything in the environment contributes to the moment. She studied Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and last year she completed the master In Situ³ in Antwerp.

Her work plays with themes that surround artistry, such as authorship, communication and work with an emphasis on architecture. Her site-specific works can consist of a variety of elements – but video, performance, ceramics and photo prints often recur. In her latest works (‘I found a shortcut through your hedge’, 2021 and ‘restspace’, 2020) she looked at the way architecture affects what happens inside the space. She made sculptural interventions in the space to investigate if the way of moving and looking at the space could be changed

For the Amsterdam Ferry Festival Jeannette wants to draw attention to objects that we would normally look over. She does this in collaboration with Katinka van Gorkum. With objects that seem familiar – but executed in a different scale – she creates a performative setting. She uses photography to play with the idea of the past, present and future: can a photograph also be a harbinger of the near future, or is it always a document from the past? Katinka adds a textual contribution to the work, so that together these elements create a poetic experience of this short journey.

Jeannette has exhibited in several exhibitions. For example at the Salone del Mobile in Milan (2016), the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam (2017), Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam/New York (2020) and N0dine in Brussels (2021). She is currently artist-in-residence at MORPHO in Antwerp