Museumnight 2022 | 5 nov 2022

During Museum Night on November 5, artists Paulien Oltheten, Annelies Kamen and Maartje Wortel will take over the NDSM ferry. In collaboration with Nieuw Dakota, where the exhibition “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is currently on display, these artists will show how they approach a crisis from their artistic practice.

Morning Ritual | 12 May - 22 May 2022

Four different artists, change four different ferries to the other side. Photography, poetry, performance, ceramics and installation will all be deployed by the artists of this edition: Koos Busters, Carina Ellemers, Martin La Roche and Jeannette Slütter.

Museumnacht | 6 November 2021

Silent Night is a multi disciplinary retrospective exhibition on how artists, who normally work in the nightlife scene, have experienced the current covid-19 pandemic and how they transformed their pain into gold. The exhibition will take place at Sexyland World and the public ferry during the Museumnacht November 6th 2021.

The IJ as Portal | September 2 - 12, 2021
For the upcoming 12 months ‘Collectief Het IJ’ will research the IJ, its historical context and narrative potential. Besides literature and historical research, the collective will ‘fish’ with magnets and dive into the IJ. There will be ongoing conversations with people who work, live and travel around, on and within the IJ. This research will be the foundation for an exhaustive archive. Together with the ongoing conversations this will be the basis for a multimedia presentation in the form of stories, video, audio, sculptures and performances. 
WHOmanity | 12 - 31 May 2020

COVID-19 and its far reaching consequences transgress borders with shocking ease. At the same time, the physical borders of private space, those that seemed invisible, are being raised. Both personal and global space are being radically rethought. WHOmanity plays into this trend by asking artists to confine their message to the surface of a flag. With WHOmanity, we, as artists and mediators, want to make ourselves heard on the connecting waters in the heart of Amsterdam. Flags as a beacon of hope and reflection that flutter over the waters of the IJ.

Museumnacht | 2 November 2019

With artworks made by eight different artists the exciting public space on the ferry is taken over by the Amsterdam Ferry Festival during Museumnacht. The artists reflect on the rapidly changing city, the way nature is tamed around the IJ and the invisible structures that monitor human behaviour. They use the silent moment that emerges from the in-between state the ferry ride provides. This way the commuters are surrounded by the questions raised by the artists during their ferry trip.