Amsterdam Ferry Festival

Effective and inspiring art, performances and photography on the ferries of Amsterdam.

Upcoming event:
From 12 - 31 May 2020

A ferry crossing is the perfect moment to reflect on life. You are standing still, while the ferry is moving forward. In 2020, ‘Reflection’ is the overall theme for artists and curators exposing their work at AFF.

AFF visual
AFF visual
AFF visual
AFF visual
The crossing

Every day, about 70,000 people take the ferry across the IJ. Due to the activity on the water and the various fellow passengers, with whom you share a few minutes on the water, a crossing can never be exactly the same.

The ferries offer a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stresses of everyday life. One of the few moments on a day where you can’t go anywhere else. You stand still while the ferry – and with it the world around you – moves.


— The concept of Amsterdam Ferry Festival originated while standing on one of these ferries. This inspiring, mobile public space should be used to inspire the city, its visitors and the ferry's daily passengers with effective, colourful art.
Lose yourself in thoughts from spot A to spot B
We see the ferry as a public canvas that we donate to the artists.

AFF is a festival, not a static exhibition. During the year, the ferries will be colored with effective, accessible art that encourages thinking and inspiration.

In addition to photography and visual arts, performances, installations, spoken word, digital art, video art and sound art will be presented. This way the travelers will come into contact with a variety of art forms.

The artworks are also accessible to people who think they have nothing to do with art. It is about art that can be understood, felt or appreciated without reading a complex (museum) text. That is not possible. You are where you stand on the ferry. The art must therefore be effective within the time of the crossing. Works of art with an immersive quality: the traveler must be able to experience it.

You can use the ferry as you always do. To see the departure times of the ferry, it is best to use the Pontveer app.

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Boarding locations
AFF location
Azartplein Ferry 915: Zamenhofstraat
AFF location
Zamenhofstraat Ferry 915: Azartplein
AFF location
Centraal station Ferry 902: IJplein
AFF location
Central Station Ferry 901: Buiksloterweg
Ferry 907: Buiksloterwegveer
Ferry 905: NDSM
Veer 906: NDSM
AFF location
Buiksloterweg Ferry 901: Centraal Station
Ferry 907: Centraal Station
AFF location
Pontsteiger Ferry 900: Distelweg
Ferry 903: NDSM
Ferry 905: Centraal Station
AFF location
Distelweg Ferry 900: Pontsteiger
AFF location
NDSM Ferry 903: Pontsteiger
Ferry 905: Centraal Station
Ferry 906: Centraal Station
Festival locations