Amsterdam Ferry Festival x Tolhuistuin celebrate:

10 years Tolhuistuin

June 1, 2024

12:00 & 15:00
Veerpont Centraal Station – Buiksloterweg (leaving from Centraal Station)


We are celebrating 10 years of Tolhuistuin. Amsterdam Ferry Festival and Tolhuistuin commemorate this anniversary by reflecting on the changes in the surroundings and our contribution to these changes. For the occasion, Request Brassband will twice transform the ferry into a musical experience.

After several years of flourishing garden programs, the Pavilion of Tolhuistuin opened in 2014. The former canteen of the Shell laboratory and ‘the secret Garden’ became accessible to all residents of Amsterdam. Now, cultural chemistry thrives here. On the ferry, which has been transporting travelers to and from the shores of Amsterdam-Noord for all these years, AFF presents art at various times throughout the year.